United in One Vision as One Community for Baseball and Softball in Irondequoit: We are Irondequoit Little League
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Welcome to Irondequoit Little League

United in One Vision as One Community for Baseball and Softball 

in Irondequoit: We are Irondequoit Little League

We are located in Irondequoit, NY and offer baseball and softball programs, in spring, summer, and fall.

Irondequoit Little League (IRLL) is in its 65th year and is a member of New York District 4 providing the best Baseball/Softball experience available for every player at any skill level.  NY District 4 has nearly 8000 players ages 4 through 16 playing in Baseball, Softball and Challenger programs.  The region encompasses Monroe County and selected nearby towns including Victor and Macedon providing the highest quality programs developing our youth into better players AND better people. Little League has instilled leadership, character, courage and loyalty in all that participate, including the nearly 1.5 million adult volunteers. Little League can be found in more than 80 countries worldwide with more than 2.4 million children participating each year.  Little League is the largest youth sports organization in the World.

2018 - 2019 Board of Directors Nominees





Sara Bayerl

Sara has been involved in Irondequoit Little League for 6 years. She has been a baseball coach and a softball coach, a Softball commissioner and served as Vice President for Softball last season.  Sara believes strongly in what Little League stands for and wants to create an organization in which all children can play no matter their abilities or economic status.  She strives to create an inclusive and fun House program and a competitive travel program for all that want to play!  Sara played softball for 12 years.  Sara is a Applications & Business Analyst for the Division of Student Affairs at RIT.

Seth Larson

I would love to be a voting member on the board, and would be happy to help and or fill any position needed of me. This was my first year coaching and have loved every minute of it from spring to fall. I have made wonderful new friends and acquaintances along the way. That being said I believe I am a good fit for the board, to bring new ideas and continue on with the strong traditions already in place.  I would bring a strong work ethic and great communication skills to the table as well as a strong drive for the league to succeed in all its endeavors. Thank you for your consideration and hope to be an even bigger part of the league for years to come.

Jason Bishop

I enjoy my time with IRLL and would like to continue helping the league to improve and grow.

Dewey Lawrence

I have been a coach for several years and have volunteered throughout the years to help out where I can, especially with the 2018 Wood Bat tournament. I feel I would be a great representative for IRLL as I have the best intentions for teaching baseball, respect and discipline to our young men and women in this organization.

Dave Calarco

I wish to continue to help build a strong baseball & softball program within the community in partnership with the Town, Schools and the Little League organization.

Jerry Matthews

My family and I were in search for a wonderful community to settle and raise our children in, which is why we recently moved to Irondequoit. Our experience within Irondequoit and the IRLL has proved we made the right decision. I would love the opportunity to help this organization, as it has helped my son in so many ways within the last few years.  My values include not only being part of a strong community, but taking the responsibility to help our community and organization thrive.

Chris DeMayo

I would like to continue on the board of IRLL. I have been involved and participating in IRLL since 2012.  I have taken leadership roles on the Softball side and would like to continue to help in any way possible for the continued success of the league.

Rich Miller

Both Tracie and I feel very passionate about developing young men and women not just through baseball/softball, but through respect for others, discipline and coaching them to be a team. I feel we have demonstrated that we are willing to volunteer for tasks that need to be done, are committed coaches and have initiated improvements that have benefited the league. I hope we are considered for the board and await our chance to accept the nominations.

Amie Fletcher

I would like to be on the board because I want to help with the organization. I would like to help raise money for the upcoming seasons for baseball and softball players. I will help with all I can.

Tracie Miller

Both Rich and I feel very passionate about developing young men and women not just through baseball/softball, but through respect for others, discipline and coaching them to be a team. I feel we have demonstrated that we are willing to volunteer for tasks that need to be done, are committed coaches and have initiated improvements that have benefited the league. I hope we are considered for the board and await our chance to accept the nominations.

Brian Gardinier

To contribute to an organization where today's youth can play America's pastime, make friends and have memories to last a lifetime.

Patrick Montana

I would like to continue on the IRLL board for the 2018/2019 season.  I have been involved with IRLL for the last 6 years and would like to help transition my roles and knowledge to others in the league.

Hector Gonzalez

I'd like to remain on the board for Irondequoit Little League because I enjoy helping with the League and making a difference.

Lisa Shuler

I would love to be considered for a position on the board. I have worked with kids my whole life. I love teaching the new things and helping them expand and grow on the talents that they already have. This was my first year coaching. I have really good ideas and I would love to have the chance to voice them. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and was glad to be able to tell you a little about myself.

Nicole Gonzalez

I'd like to remain on the board for Irondequoit Little League because I enjoy helping with the League and making a difference.

Zack Siembor

My name Zack Siembor baseball has been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. I would like to remain on this board so I can give back providing young boys and girls the same life lessons and experiences that I have been able to enjoy through baseball and softball. I still play today in a high level wood bat league and have been blessed to have two daughters that share the same passion as I do. My wife and I have enjoyed becoming part of the IRLL coaching staff and we want to make sure this league continues to grow. I know that little league has played an intricate role in my life and millions of others. That is why it is important for me to be a part of the team that helps maintain a league that relies entirely upon volunteers.

Matt Gordon

I enjoy my time with IRLL and would like to continue helping the league to improve and grow.

Steve Smith

I would like to stay on the board for another year to help with transitioning to younger families and other board members. I have enjoyed being a part of this organization for the last 5 years and I would like to continue to be a part of the forward progress.

Yarille Kilborn

I would like to serve on the board to help plan and coordinate events as well as assist in other areas as needed.

Brian Tiermini

I’d like to continue using my organization and communication skills to make sure all IRLL players and coaches have positive experience as my family has had.


by posted 09/22/2018
Updated-How to add your child's schedule to iCal

To sync your team's schedule with your iOS device's calendar you need to "subscribe" to that calendar by following these simple steps:

1. Go to irondequoitlittleleague.org on your device

2. Click on Teams, then click on Select a Team, and then choose the appropriate "Season" and then choose the desired team

3. After the screen refreshes to the home page for that team, click on Teams again and then click on Schedule. 

4. After the screen refreshes to the team's schedule, click on the small calendar icon next to the word Schedule and then click on the options button.  Click on subscribe and choose iCal.  You should get a pop up asking if you want to subscribe to the calendar. Click Subscribe and you should then see a pop up confirming the subscription. 

That's it. All of your team's scheduling events going forward will automatically be synced with your iOS device for the remainder of that season.  At the end of each season you'll want to delete that calendar from your device (in Settings, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars), and you'll want to re-do the above steps to add the schedule at the beginning of each new season.
There also an app that you can download to your phone 
"LeagueAthletics Mobile"  

by posted 04/09/2014
How to import your practice and games to your Google calendar

Please watch the video below to add one or multiple children's schedules to your Google calendar.

Click here to watch the video

Not showing on your mobile device???????

After you have completed the video portion click here and make sure the IRLL calendar you created on your Google calendar has a check mark next to it.

by posted 04/08/2014
AIAA Supports Roberto's Kids

AIAA supports Roberto's Kids!
At Roberto's Kids, their global reach and leadership bridges the gap between different cultures through baseball.  Their organization partners with communities as they develop and nurture social responsibility.
They achieve that through the collection and distribution of new and gently worn baseball equipment.  They work with baseball leagues, charitable organizations, individuals and retailers in the United States, Canada and Latin American countries and AIAA is one of them.

We have already sent one shipment over 200 lbs.!  We will be preparing a donation of gently used baseball & softball equipment in the near future.  If you are looking to purge some of your child's equipment or uniforms to make room in your house please email Dave Calarco at: 

This is a great opportunity to give back to the baseball community.

They have sent us a thank you letter for our first shipment.  You may see that letter by clicking here.

If you want more information about this organization click here to be brought to their page.

by posted 12/26/2013
Parent Responsibilities - Please Read

Please make sure you read all these and follow for 2015.

Parent and Guardian Responsibilities

Irondequoit Little League Baseball and Softball   
1.      A parent, guardian or other designated adult MUST accompany each child to all practices and games.
2.      Plan your schedule accordingly for an “on time” arrival to games and practices. Coaches may ask that kids be there 30 minutes prior to game time for warm ups and position assignments.
3.      In the event of a medical emergency or injury, the parent is responsible for all medical decisions and treatment for their child. 
4.      Please make your coach aware of any health, medical conditions, allergies or any expected absences due to illness or other schedule conflicts.
5.      If lightning is observed anywhere in the vicinity of a game or practice, all play must end immediately and the field must be evacuated as quickly as possible. An “all clear “may be given after a 20 minute waiting period.
6.      In the event of questionable weather, plan on attending the game unless you are contacted by the head coach or Irondequoit Little League prior to the game. There may be occasions when a final decision to play is made at the field.
7.      Parents and coaches are expected to be good role models for sportsmanship and teamwork. Let’s all do our best to have fun and praise the good effort despite the score.
8.      Support the umpires, coaches, managers and the local and Little League rules. Arguments and foul language will not be tolerated. Contact league officials regarding any concerns or questions.
9.      We are guests on ALL of the fields where we play. Please follow the carry in/carry out policy.  Report any safety concerns to your coach or your division commissioner.
  1. **** Alcohol, Tobacco and Pets are NOT allowed on the fields where we practice or play games.*****

by posted 12/01/2013
We are now on Twitter!

We are now on Twitter!

Look for us @AIAAbaseball 

All of our news posts on our website will post on Twitter as well.
by posted 10/29/2013
We made the newspaper!

Check out the article in the Irondequoit Post about AIAA!

Fields of dreams: Irondequoit's now single Little League organization plays in Williamsport; looks to its own facility

Read the article here.
by posted 10/19/2013
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    Helendale - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    IHS Girls Varisty - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
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    IHS JV - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Irondequoit Ivan Green S TBD (10/17) 
    Irondequoit Public LIbra - Rochester OPEN (10/17) 
    Ivan Green - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Ivan Green North - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Ivan Green South - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Ivan Green Whipple - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Lakeview - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Lakeview Outfield - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Laurelton 1North - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Laurelton 2South - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Laurelton Fire Departmen - Rochester OPEN (10/17) 
    Laurelton Out TBD (10/17) 
    Laurelton Pardee Gym - Irondequoit OPEN (10/17) 
    Laurelton Pardee Out - Rochester TBD (10/17) 
    LP OUTFIELD - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    McAvoy North - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    McAvoy North Corner - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    McAvoy South - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    McAvoy South Corner - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Pinegrove 60' - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Pinegrove 90ft - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Rochester Red Wings Stad - Rochester TBD (10/17) 
    Rogers - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Rudman - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Rudman Outfield 1 - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Rudman Outfield 2 - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    See Team Home Page - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Seneca - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Sproule Field House Gym - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Sproule Field House JV - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Sproule Field House Mod - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Sproule Outfield JV - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Sproule Outfield Mod - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    St Paul Exempt - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    St. Paul Fire Hall - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    TBD - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Town Hall Imburgia - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Town Hall Morelle - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
    Town Hall Sciarabba - Irondequoit TBD (10/17) 
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